A VMPT 2016 abstract, full paper or poster may only be submitted to the organizing committee by uploading the file electronically either as a PDF-file or as a Microsoft WORD-file.

Abstract submission is required by the organizing committee for all VMPT2016 participants before submitting the full paper or extend abstract.

Extended Abstracts, Statements of Intent to co-submit the paper to a journal and Presentation Slides can also be submitted. Presentations Slides may be submitted as PowerPoint files.

Please note that the organizing committee expects the file (paper) to be complete. In other words, the committee takes no responsibility for completing the publication by inserting tables, photographs etc.

Review of VMPT 2016 Papers

VMPT 2016 papers will be reviewed in accordance with CIRP standards, but will not be published in proceedings in order to allow the authors to submit their papers to peer reviewed journals.

Authors should submit to VMPT 2016 either:

  • an Extended Abstract with accompanying presentation slides(.pdf) and a Statement of Intent* to co-submit a full version of the manuscript to a journal of their choice, before the Conference; or, a Full Paper with presentation slides.(.pdf)

* The journal name must be included in the Statement of Intent and the paper must be submitted to the journal for review. If the paper is accepted, please submit a copy of the acceptance letter to vmpt2016@gmail.com.

Extended abstracts should be 2 pages in length and should follow the basic format as for full papers, as outlined below under “Oral Presentations”.
Extended Abstracts with accompanying full-length manuscripts ready for submission to a Journal can be presented as Oral Presentations or Posters at VMPT 2016.

Extended Abstracts with no accompanying full-length manuscripts ready for submission to a Journal can only be presented as Posters in VMPT 2016.

Power-Point Presentations of all papers and Extended Abstracts, regardless of whether or not they have been submitted to a Journal, will be included in the VMPT 2016 Proceedings in lieu of the full manuscript.

Download the preferred templates:


Abstract Submission  

Full Manuscript / Extend Abstract Submission  

Final Paper Submission